Why footrests are an important part of your office workstation

Are footrests good for you?

Footrests are an ergonomic accessory that often goes overlooked; however, they are an excellent addition to a workstation, particularly for those who need them. Footrests are designed to help align the body into the correct posture, mitigating fatigue and discomfort by reducing stress on the feet, ankles, knees, and thighs, while simultaneously improving circulation. They also help you to utilize the back support in your task chair by pushing you back in the seat pan.

How does a footrest help?

Footrests are especially important to:

How to choose an ergonomic footrest

ergoCentric offers an assortment of footrests, so you can find one that matches your specific needs.

ergoCentric Foot Flexors provide you with a platform to rest your feet on while allowing you to pivot the platform forwards and backward. This promotes movement ensuring stress is not placed on the blood vessels or nerves in the back of the thighs which can contribute to static muscle loading, a known cause of musculoskeletal disorders. The Tall Foot Flexor is better suited for shorter people whose feet sit higher off the ground.

A Foot Bar is a simple solution, giving you a place to rest your feet during the day. The curved design is lightweight and durable and ideal for people who use sit-stand stools or are required to stand in one place for long periods of time. With its fixed position, the Foot Bar is effective in standing or perched positions allowing you to vary your posture by resting one foot at a time on the bar, reducing pressure on the lower spine.

Footrests can make a big difference in specific situations, aiding in employee comfort and well-being, but are only part of the solution. Moving throughout the day is extremely important. One way of doing this is by alternating between sitting and standing postures and ensuring movement of the entire body to avoid prolonged static positions.

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