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The brochure for each seating series is the easiest way to learn about the specific options available for each chair series. 

Click the learn more button to see a PDF of the product brochure.

tCentric Hybrid

Science with Style.

airCentric 2

Be cool. Be comfortable. Be productive.


Frixion’s anti-slip seating surface allows you to stay firmly positioned in your seat improving safety and comfort. 

Zgonic Product Brochure

The new leaders in Monitor Arms.

Arm Options

Arm supports help stabilize the upper body thereby reducing
the negative static muscle activity and assist in getting in and out of the chair.

Power and Data Rail

A Clean, Safe and Organized Workplace with upCentric Power and Data Rail

Leaders in Accommodation Seating

Your employees come in all shapes and sizes. So do ergoCentric office chairs.

upCentric Single and Dual Monitor Arms

Full adjustability is essential for productive and healthy workspaces.

Ergonomic Inspiration

Ergonomic Inspiration

Specialty Seating


10 essential features an ergonomic chair must have

About ergoCentric

About ergoCentric