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tCentric Hybrid Task Chair

The tCentric Hybrid with Airless Cushion Technology combines the best attributes of the leading mesh chair with the industry leading benefits of ergoCentric’s fully ergonomic upholstered chair. You no longer have to choose between the sleek appearance and breathability of a mesh chair and great ergonomics. Now you can simply choose the tCentric Hybrid.

tCentric Hybrid

Our most sought after and customizable ergonomic office chair. Its innovative, modular design and range of options provides more support than ever for today’s hybrid work environments.

Ergonomic task seating for wherever you call the office

With options such as Airless Cushion Technology, best in class back height adjustment and lumbar support, 4 way adjustable armrests, the tCentric Hybrid is in a class of ergonomic seating all its own.


Adjustability is the key to good ergonomics. The tCentric Hybrid’s emphasis on ergonomics is reinforced by the number of patented adjustment features built into its design not found anywhere else. 

Healthy posture

Achieve the perfect seated posture with independent back angle adjustment, helping maintain a healthy, open stance between the upper body and thighs.
*Available with Multi Tilt or Synchro Glide mechanism.

Customized fit

One size does not fit all and the tCentric Hybrid is able to match the relevant anthropometric characteristics of the largest portion of the population.

Available in 3 base configurations

The tCentric Hybrid combines the best attributes of the leading mesh chair with the industry leading benefits of ergoCentric’s fully upholstered chairs. 3 base configurations ensures comfort for everyone, regardless of body type or personal preferences.

12 year warranty

Guaranteed for
up to 350 lbs


BIFMA® compliant

Your tCentric Hybrid your way

Different people in the same work environment will prefer different features from their chair in order to be comfortable and productive. That’s why the tCentric Hybrid is available with a breathable, elastomeric mesh backrest tensioned for optimal support, or a classic foam and fabric backrest, providing the widest range of ergonomic choice.


Patent-pending Airless Cushion Technology™ works with the mesh to ensure the user never bottoms out or sinks too low into the mesh. It also reduces the pressure points under the thighs from the front edge of the seat frame.


ergoCentric’s upholstered seats are an alternative for individuals who like the appearance of mesh chairs, but need the support of a foam and fabric seat.

Superior lumbar support

The tCentric Hybrid lumbar support mimics the lumbar support found in our industry leading foam and fabric chairs. 5″ of infinite back height adjustment allows the lumbar support to be placed exactly where it is needed, while ensuring the lumbar support continues to be in perfect alignment with the lumbar curve built into the backrest frame.


Air lumbar is always an option for those who want to vary the amount of lumbar support used, and is a standard feature on the fully upholstered version of the tCentric Hybrid.

tCentric armrest: You won’t find anything else like it anywhere

The tCentric armrest provides unparalleled support, dramatically reducing the stress on the shoulders and neck.


The patent-pending tCentric armrest is silent, smooth gliding and available in 4 combinations of vertical, lateral and patented 360° swivel adjustments, ensuring the ability to maintain a neutral typing, texting or reading position.

You may also need...

Our optional, adjustable headrest can improve your comfort for day-to-day activities. With three pivot points and seven inches of vertical and horizontal adjustments, the ergoCentric headrest can be adjusted to exactly where you need it.

Built to match your needs

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Breathable, elastomeric mesh with patent-pending Airless Cushion Technology

Sleek aesthetic, combined with the proven ergonomics of our foam and fabric seat
Supportive, foam and fabric structure with Air Lumbar as a standard feature

What your peers are saying

Matt Lowe, CSP
Safety Consultant, Founder & President of Preventive Solutions Inc.
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“The chair back is very adjustable. I’m able to fit nearly everyone with effective lumbar and overall back support due to the big range of height adjustment from the backrest.”
Joel Yonge
Founder, FitzBody
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"It’s a sleek, modern style, and its ergonomic adjustability has made it a popular work-from-home choice.”
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“A true throne for the WFH captain of the industry.”
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“…offers serious comfort and support for the tireless worker."
Katharine – Toronto, Ontario
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“This chair is so comfortable I can't recommend this company enough! WORTH IT!”
Meghan – Toronto, Ontario
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“This chair definitely gets five stars. I sit at a desk for 40+ hours a week and now I love sitting at my desk. The chair is beyond comfortable because I was able to adjust it to suit my posture. I have not had a tired or sore back since my new chair arrived. Staff are professional and delivery was fast and easy.”
Camille – Toronto, Ontario
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“Today, I sit very comfortably in my tCentric Hybrid chair and am beyond happy. The chair fits me perfectly and the ability to make adjustments throughout the day as required is helpful. I am so happy I took this step and highly recommend this company for the quality of product and the professional and personal service.”
Cleanable, breathable seating technology

Microscopic representation

The tCentric Hybrid for the hybrid model of working.

The anticipated growth of unassigned seating in the workplace led to the development of Nymatrix, the world’s first cleanable, ergonomic upholstery material for the hybrid model of work.

With careful planning and provisions for special requirements, the tCentric Hybrid with a Nymatrix seat assists in making unassigned seating plans work.

“…enough support to keep me comfortable throughout my workday and into a night of gaming.”

Technical Specifications

All Mesh

  • Dual Curved Mesh Backrest​

Available in 3 Mesh Seat Sizes.

  • Small Mesh Seat
  • Large Mesh Seat
  • Extra Long Mesh Seat
  • Counter Height [CH]
  • Boardroom (All Mesh) [BR]
  • Multi Tilt [MTG]
  • Synchro Glide [SGG]
  • Accent [ACCENT]
  • Boardroom [BR]
  • Dedicated Task 2 [DT2]
  • Multi Tilt [MT]
  • Synchro Glide [SG]
  • 26″ Glass Reinforced Nylon Mid-Profile Base [26MP]
  • 26″ Glass Reinforced Nylon Base [26NB]
  • 26″ Glass Reinforced Nylon High Profile Base [26HP2G]
  • 26″ Polished Aluminum High Profile Base [26PB2]
  • ergoCentric Footring Black (All Mesh) [ERGOFR]
  • tCentric Lumbar Support with Air Lumbar (Self Contained) [TALSC]
  • Energy Absorbent Memory Foam [EA]
  • Tailored Adjustable Headrest [AHRTS]
  • Tailored Seat Pan [TS]
  • tCentric Lumbar Support [TLS]
Additional Options

Upholstered Seat

Additional Options

Upholstered Seat & Backrest

Additional Options