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Power and Data Rail

The solution to messy wires and hazardous cables on your office floor.

A Seamless, Safe and Organized Workplace

upCentric Power & Data Rail is designed to optimize floorplans with a clean and tidy look by providing organized power and data for each individual desk. upCentric Power & Data Rail eliminates the need for messy wires on the floor, reducing trip hazards and improving workplace safety.

Designed to integrate seamlessly

Integrating seamlessly with ergoCentric’s seating products, height adjustable

desks and tables, and workstation accessories, upCentric Power & Data Rail

is a vital component of any ergonomic workspace. 
Whether sitting or standing, upCentric Power & Data Rail creates an ideal working environment to while increasing comfort, safety and productivity.

Installation is a breeze

It is easy to specify, present, install, or reconfigure, which means you can adjust it as per your needs. Whether you need to install it in a new workspace or reconfigure it for a more efficient one, you can count on upCentric Power & Data Rail to make your life easier.

Fit your needs

upCentric Power and Data Rail is designed to make your life easier. Power can be run from either the ceiling or wall, depending on your preference. Power can also be hardwired or plugged directly into a wall, giving you complete flexibility and control over your workspace.


upCentric Power and Data Rail is available in a variety of sizes and configurations, so you can choose the perfect fit for your workspace.

Common Configurations

With upCentric Power & Data Rail, you get all the features and benefits you need for a more efficient, organized and safe workspace. Choose upCentric Power & Data Rail today and get ready to experience the ultimate in workspace efficiency.


Rail Leg Electrical Power Infeed
  • Length range: 36” - 96” (in 6” increments)
  • Height: 9.25”, Width: 3”
  • Power comes standard as
    single-sided with 2 duplex outlet receptacles, or double-sided with 4 duplex outlet receptacles
  • 4 data ports per side (fitting kits included)
  • Finish in Black or Silver
  • End Legs: used for the ends of rail
  • Connector Legs: used for any rail connection points (X, T, 90° or 180° connection)
  • Leg size: 18”h X 3”w X 3”d
  • Foot size: 3.75”w X 10”d
  • Finish in Black or Silver
  • Electrical components are included in standard rail assemblies
    • Double Sided Junction Blocks
    • Duplex Receptacles
    • Data Adapter Kits
    • Flexible Conduit Jumpers
  • Wall power infeed from a selected Wall Infeed Leg Assembly
  • Ceiling power infeed from a selected Ceiling Infeed Leg Assembly

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