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Zgonic Monitor Arms

The New
Leaders in
Monitor Arms

ergoCentric is the North American distributor of Zgonic.


Improve your workstation efficiency by raising your monitor off the work surface for optimal ergonomic posture and employee productivity.


With the integrated Zdock, eliminate all desktop cables and saves valuable workspace. 

Side Panels

Showcase your brand or match the office design; the possibilities are endless.

Quick and Easy Installation

The simplest installation in the industry, Zgonic monitor arms come with all the necessary installation tools included, so you can adjust and optimize your workstation in no time.


Zgonic Integrated USB
Docking Station

Zdock is a USB Dual Video Docking Station that is integrated into the base of any Zgonic monitor arm. It increases usable workspace and provides a cleaner, more streamlined appearance that improves overall office aesthetics and offers a more orderly work environment.

Unique Benefits

One arm supports all monitors up to 38"

Adjustment handle for every monitor

Full monitor-to-base cable management

Unique Advantages


Hidden tools compartment

Sliders provide 9" lateral adjustment at the end of the arm

Zgonic monitor arm solutions

ergoCentric is the North American distributor of Zgonic