Features to look for in a height adjustable table

upCentricHeight adjustable tables have become a popular choice in today’s workspaces. With so many brands and options to choose from, finding a table that satisfies your clients’ needs can be challenging – we are here to help!

Motors in every leg:
Ensures a smooth, quiet and quick transition. The upCentric features motors made by TiMOTION and takes just 17 seconds to travel the 26.5″ range from lowest to heights.

 Quick and easy installation:
The upCentric is one of the simplest height adjustable tables to assemble. Printed and video instructions make assembling the upCentric easy enough to complete in approximately 15 minutes.

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ergoCentric Seating Systems aims to raise awareness for Repetitive Strain Injury Awareness Day

February 14th 2019 ergoCentric Seating Systems aims to raise awareness for Repetitive Strain Injury Awareness Day Mississauga, Ontario―February 14, 2019―Ahead of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) Awareness Day, ergoCentric Seating Systems is aiming to raise awareness in support of the upcoming international day, which is set for Thursday, February 28th. According to the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and [...]
CTV Ask the Expert

ergoCentric products and ergonomic best practices featured on CTV Morning Live’s Ask the Expert

February 12th 2019 Ottawa’s CTV Morning Live Ask the Expert recently featured ergoCentric, while highlighting a number of the company’s products. CTV host Annette Goerner interviewed Canadian Certified Professional Ergonomist and ergoCentric spokesperson Pam Grills of Ottawa-based ErgoPrime; the feature segments focused on the tCentric Hybrid Task Chair, the upCentric Height Adjustable Table, and best practices for companies looking to ensure [...]
upCentric Workstations

A Higher Standard: Everyone in the workspace needs to be accommodated

December 10th 2018 The first article described how the CSA Standard for Office Ergonomics Z412-17 has changed. The second article discussed the important concepts. This article describes the office work system and highlights the requirement to accommodate everyone in the workspace. The office work system Planning and designing an office space requires consideration of the total office work system. It involves considering more [...]

ergoCentric provides the lowest total cost of ownership


We make chairs for two people: the person who will sit in it and the person who will pay for it. That is why our priority is to provide customers with high-quality seating solutions that deliver the lowest total cost of ownership over the lifetime use of the chair.

Here’s how choosing our seating solutions will pay back in both the short-term and the long-term:

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geoCentric Series

One of the Best Seating Products

Pamela Dempster BA, BScOT(c), CMWA, CCPE Corporate Health & Wellness Specialist | Board Certified Professional Ergonomist Owner and Senior Consultant at Dempster Wellness/Pamela Dempster OT(c) I have been practicing and specializing in the fields of Corporate Wellness and Ergonomics/Human Factors for over 20 years. Working very closely with Corporations and their injured employees, I assist with […]

ergoForce Mid Back office chair from ergoCentric. Black. Equipped with Synchro Glide Mechanism, 3” Height Adjustable Swing Away Adjustable T-Arms, Black Base, Arms, Casters and ergoCentric+Guard Strip.

Kansas City Police Department Standardizes on ergoForce

Faye Choate, CPPB, Purchasing Agent, Kansas City, MO Police Department   Our department has  standardized on the use of the ergoForce chair in our work areas. Throughout our Department we have areas that are set up for officer’s use, no one person sits there as the areas are for the officer in the field to […]

tCentric Hybrid Satisfying Customers Needs

What Our Team Likes About the tCentric Hybrid

Matt Lowe CSP Safety Consultant, Safety Trainer Founder/President of Preventive Solutions, Inc   A few months ago I was asked to check out the new tCentric Hybrid. It was time to purchase a bulk order of chairs for my client, a major technology company based in Santa Clara, and my positive experience from working with […]