Nymatrix – Designed for today’s office environments

In a hybrid model of office work, people will share office chairs and workstations when they are in the office. Office cleaning protocols will be more important than ever as employers strive to create safe and inviting workspaces that entice their employees to return to the office.

Fabric matters when it comes to ergonomic chairs

Upholsteries like vinyl are popular in environments where furniture needs to look professional and hold up to regular use and cleaning. Unfortunately, these coated fabrics are often slippery causing the users to slide forward, away from the back support of the chair, often resulting in backache and other muscular strains.

Created by adding ergoCentric’s proprietary anti-slip technology to an engineered nylon matrix fabric, Nymatrix:

  • Is easy to clean with soap and water or disinfected with 5% bleach solution.
  • Breathes like leather.
  • Prevents you from sliding forward ensuring proper back and lumbar support.

Multiuser workstations require flexibility and agility to suit the needs of each unique user. Nymatrix compliments the adjustability features of ergoCentric’s tCentric Hybrid task chair, ensuring that each user doesn’t slide forward on the seat, improving back and postural support. Nymatrix offers peace of mind that each chair is adjustable to the needs of the user and cleanable to the standards of the post-pandemic office.

10 Year Warranty

Nymatrix is ideal when comfort, ergonomics and hygiene is important. You can be assured that Nymatrix will stand up to the wear and tear and to the regular cleaning and disinfecting protocols of the hybrid office model. Suggested applications include corporate and home offices, call centres and hospital administration areas.

Nymatrix is available in 5 popular colour choices and is an ergoCentric Approved upholstery choice.



Light Grey

Dark Grey


Have a project or seating requirement that could benefit from the ergonomic and cleanable properties of Nymatrix?