tCentric Hybrid

The world’s best office chair.

tCentric Hybrid All Mesh Lumbar Support Adjustable Arms Chrome Accent Casters

Introducing the tCentric Hybrid, the world’s best office chair.

With revolutionary Airless Cushion Technology, best in class back height adjustment and lumbar support, and 3 way adjustable armrests—all backed by a 12 year warranty—the tCentric Hybrid is in a class of its own.

When crafting the tCentric Hybrid’s form, award-winning Industrial Designer Miles Keller had to meet ergoCentric’s Founder, Terry Cassaday’s demanding ergonomic requirements. The result is a case where functional demands serendipitously gave rise to a dramatic aesthetic.

Terry Cassaday

Miles Keller

tCentric Hybrid
tCentric Hybrid
tCentric Hybrid
tCentric Hybrid
tCentric Hybrid

Science with style.

The tCentric Hybrid’s emphasis on ergonomics is reinforced by the number of patented adjustment features built into its design.

One size does not fit all and the tCentric Hybrid is able to match the relevant anthropometric characteristics of the largest portion of the population.

tCentric Hybrid

Why hybrid?

The tCentric Hybrid combines the best attributes of the leading mesh chair with the industry leading benefits of ergoCentric’s fully upholstered chairs. You no longer have to choose between great ergonomics and that cool‑looking mesh chair.

Now you can simply choose the tCentric Hybrid.

Try the world's best office chair today.

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