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According to a report by PWC, Millennials (individuals born between 1980 and 2000) want to work in the manner that suits them best. Their extensive use of technology means the lines between work and home have become increasingly blurred, although many would prefer to work in an office than alone. It is important for employers to note this preference considering millennials are now the largest generation in the workforce. A millennial-friendly environment is likely fully digital, but it also needs to be comfortable and creative. Studies find that millennials love the freedom of choice, and that they are more productive when they have flexible workspaces, such as different zones for group work or quiet rooms. They will be drawn to organizations that offer an engaging, comfortable and stimulating atmosphere that creatively blends work and life. With this in mind it’s important to start considering basic ways that allow your employees to move and change positions as they work. Even if they may want to, most companies, don’t have the space or the budget to create multiple workspaces. You may not be able to provide a utopia-like work environment, but there are tools you can provide your workforce that will encourage them to move and allow them to be more productive and creative without the need for extra space.
  • Outfitting each employee’s workstation with an adjustable chair and height adjustable work surface is a starting point, allowing them to move into whatever position they need throughout the work day. They can move from seated to standing or even a perched position. A height adjustable desk does not require a pull out or adjustable keyboard tray and so can take up even less space than a traditional desk.
  • No matter what the office set up is, it is up to the employer to encourage their employees to fully utilize the tools provided to them. With millennials, who maybe uncertain about workplace etiquette, it’s important to make suggestions like standing up and moving around every hour or moving to a standing position while taking short calls.
  • Improve productivity by upgrading your meeting spaces with height adjustable boardroom tables. This will allow shorter meetings to be conducted standing up, and provide variety to the standard sit down meeting.
Height adjustable desks are now comparable in price to static desks and will eventually become the standard at most, if not all, offices. For the moment though they are not that common; therefore, an investment in these employee-focused tools can provide companies with a competitive advantage in the fight to secure top talent and will facilitate employee retention.

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