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airCentric chairs deliver the benefits of airflow with the proven ergonomic support of foam and fabric. Combining a sophisticated aesthetic with modular design, full adjustability and airflow comfort, the airCentric offers a truly comfortable seating experience.

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airCentric Multi Tilt
airCentric Synchro Glide
airCentric Synchro
airCentric Knee Tilt
airCentric Boardroom



Also known as the “heart” of the chair, the mechanism should be chosen with consideration for the employee’s daily tasks and amount of time spent in the chair.

Available mechanisms:

  • 24 Hour Multi Tilt [24MT]

  • Boardroom [BR]

  • Knee Tilt [KT]

  • Multi Tilt [MT]

  • Synchro [S]

  • Synchro Glide [SG]


All our seats feature both a waterfall curve at the front edge to reduce pressure on the veins in the back of the legs, and contoured sides to redistribute weight away from the two ischial tuberosity bones.

Available seats:

  • Extra Long Seat [XLS]

  • Large Airflow Seat [LSAF]

  • Large Seat [LS]

  • Plus Size Airflow Seat [PSAF]

  • Small Airflow Seat [SSAF]

  • Small Seat [SS]


  • Oval Tube Adjustable Swivel Arm [OTSWV]

  • Oval Tube Adjustable T-Arm [OTATA]

  • Oval Tube Fixed Arm [OTFA]


  • 80mm Pneumatic Lift [80MM]

  • 100mm Pneumatic Lift [100MM]

  • 100mm Chrome Pneumatic Lift [100MMCH]

  • 125mm Pneumatic Lift [125MM]

  • 125mm Chrome Pneumatic Lift [125MMCH]

  • 140mm Pneumatic Lift [140MM]

  • 140mm Chrome Pneumatic Lift [140MMCH]

Bases & Footrings

  • 25" Glass Reinforced Nylon High Profile Base [25HP]

  • 26" Glass Reinforced Nylon Base [26NB]

  • 26" Glass Reinforced Nylon High Profile Base [26HP2]

  • 26" Polished Aluminum Base [26PB]

Casters & Glides

  • 2 1/4" Glides [2G]

  • Chrome Accent Casters [CAC]

  • Dual Wheel Urethane Casters [UC]

  • Single Wheel Nylon Casters [SW]

  • Single Wheel Urethane Casters [SWU]

Additional Options

  • Air Lumbar [AL]

  • Energy Absorbent Memory Foam [EA]

  • Tailored Adjustable Headrest [AHRTS]

  • Triple Density Foam [TDF]